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FootFall Registration - 2018

Registration is not open yet.

Send the form (along with your payment - make checks payable to FootFall ) to:
Jerry Blum, 8300 Osage Terrace, Adelphi, MD 20783-1757.

Please print all your information legibly. Use a separate form for each attendee.
Confirmation will be sent by email, or include a SASE for written confirmation.

The 2018 attendance fee depends on the age of the attendee:
Age 14-25 is $175. Age 26 or older is $250.
Late registration: Add $25 after August 31, 2018.
No attendees under 14, please. There is no daily or partial weekend registration.

Kitchen or sweeper fellowships are $137 for age 26 or older, and $90 for age 25
and under
(an additional $47 gift, courtesy of FootFall). - To apply for one, email us.
Here are job descriptions and sample schedules for fellowships, in PDF format.

Cancellation Policy - If you notify the registrar on or before August 31, 2018, we will return your fee, less $20 handling. Refunds requested after August 31, 2018 will be provided only if we can fill your spot.

Camp facilities include a limited number of single cabins and private or semi-private rooms. If you have special housing needs (e.g. CPAP, allergies, etc.) or privacy concerns, please contact us by email or telephone as early as possible.

For registration questions, email: