Updated June 9, 2020

We have canceled FootFall 2020, originally scheduled for Labor Day weekend — early September.

Camp Louise, which we were going to share with World Village Music and Dance Camp, will not open at all this summer. This was no doubt a wrenching decision for the Camp, but we think it is wise, because of continuing concerns about COVID-19. Many of their concerns are also our concerns — shared cabins, shared bathrooms, concerns about virus transmission during activities, issues with testing or lack thereof. Since all of the cabins and meeting facilities were put in winterization mode last fall, they will simply stay that way until next spring.

Speaking of next spring — if you enjoy English Country Dance, we expect to have the next English Trifle at Camp Airy (the “brother” camp to Camp Louise) over Memorial Day Weekend next year, by which time we hope that the new “normal” for social dancing has established itself.

We do hope to have the same line up for FootFall 2021: Daybreak Trio (Owen Morrison, Naomi Morse and Anna Patton); Hot Coffee Breakdown (Tom Cunningham, Luis De León, and Kate Sanders) and Are We There Yet (Charlie Pilzer, Susan Brandt, Tom Wright, and Tina Chancey). Luke Donforth has put us on his calendar for next year.

We wish all of you continued good health. Stay home, stay safe, stay well.