This year, FootFall will be offering its usual excellent line up of red hot contras, rowdy and romantic English Country Dance, Dutch crossing, and non-dance workshops on important topics. But there’s something new and exciting. FootFall will be sharing Camp Louise with World Village Music and Dance, and all participants in both camps will be free to choose from any of the offered workshops. So you can decide to intersperse your usual dance with, say, Lithuanian singing in the morning.

World Village Music and Dance (WVMD) will actually start on Friday night, with check in at 5, dinner at 6:30, and a dance with demonstrations by the various instructors. FootFall will begin Saturday morning, with check in at 10. (We hate Friday night holiday traffic and see no reason to be out in it.) However, since FootFall organizers will be at the camp on Friday, we hope to offer you the option of arriving Friday night — but to do so, there’s an additional fee to cover the extra night of cabin use, plus two meals (dinner and Saturday morning breakfast). Similarly, WVMD hopes to allow its participants to opt for a Saturday morning arrival, with a $50 discount. More information on these options as we get closer to Labor Day.

A VERY VERY tentative schedule will be posted soon.