Click on this link to see the FINAL schedule, updated as of August 29 with minor revisions to World Music and Dance dance workshops.

Jerry and I are just back from Camp Louise, and we can report that although the Upper Pavilion is, indeed, up, it has a WONDERFUL floor — smooth and level, excellent for turning!!

The stage area is large and very level, but is currently covered with a surface that is NOT good for turning. We originally intended to put the English Country Dance sessions there. After some thought, we have decided to put Scandinavian instrumental workshops, Morris and clogging workshops, and two non-dance workshops (All About Powers of Attorney and FootSore: How to Take Care of Your Feet) on the stage.

The Barnett dance studio (roughly 30×40) has air conditioning and a good floor. We have moved all ECD to Barnett, along with one of the waltz workshops, an hour of couples dancing, and Gaye Fifer’s Kerry sets workshop.

I have purchased extra Dance Socks, which will be available if you need a pair. If you’d like to keep them, please consider reimbursing us ($5 per pair).

FootFall is offering its usual excellent line up of red hot contras, rowdy and romantic English Country Dance, Dutch crossing, and non-dance workshops on important topics. In addition, FootFall will be sharing Camp Louise with World Village Music and Dance, and all participants in both camps will be free to choose from any of the offered workshops. So you can decide to intersperse your usual dance with, say, Lithuanian singing in the morning.

World Village Music and Dance (WVMD) will actually start on Friday night, with check in at 5, dinner at 7, and demonstrations by the various instructors in the Social Hall. FootFall will begin Saturday morning, with check in at 10. (We hate Friday night holiday traffic and see no reason to be out in it.) However, since FootFall organizers will be at the camp on Friday, you have the option of arriving Friday night — but to do so, there’s an additional fee of $65, which is what the camp charges us for the extra night of cabin use, plus two meals (dinner and Saturday morning breakfast).