Camp Louise floors

Jerry and I are just back from Camp Louise, and we wanted to let you know about the floors in the three venues that FootFall will use.

The Upper Pavilion has a WONDERFUL floor. Smooth, level, great for turning and spinning. That’s where all of the contra will be.

The Stage (aka Jill’s Place) has a coating on the floor that makes turning less than easy. However, when I put a pair of Dance Sox on, the floor was acceptable. So FootFall will order several dozen pairs of Dance Sox. They will be there if you need them. If you’d like to keep them and reimburse us, that would be nice. $5 per pair.

Barnett Dance Studio has a lovely wooden floor — should be good for waltz, Morris, and clogging.

The Social Hall (where the Sunday night dance-for-all will be held) has a reasonably good floor, though there are a couple of significant issues. The floor is crowned, which makes lines drift to the outside. There’s a fireplace on one side and the floor nearest the fireplace sags noticeably, causing the dancers to slide in that direction. And there are pillars along the sides. But it’s okay for dancing. Three lines across for contra works fairly well.