What to bring to Camp

Jerry and I had a lovely and comfortable cabin at Camp Louise. Please note that because there will be TWO camps’ staff to house, there may be fewer individual cabins than we had hoped for. HOWEVER there are numerous group cabins, and we will spread you out as best we can.

The mattresses are HARD. Please think seriously about bringing a 2-3″ thick foam pad. Or, if you wind up in one of the bunk houses, take several of the mattresses on the upper bunks (we will never assign anyone to an upper bunk) and stack them on your lower bunk. The upper bunks are high enough above the lower bunks that head bumping is minimized.

One or more flashlights or a headlamp on an elastic headband. There are lots of camp sidewalks, mostly somewhat irregular (flagstone) — but not only are they a bit treacherous at night or in the rain, they don’t always lead in useful directions. (FootFall wants to encourage you to arrive IN DAYLIGHT at least this first year. The camp is surprisingly difficult to navigate at night.) We have lots of solar powered lights, and we hope to array them sensibly and helpfully, perhaps with some additional signage.

A bath mat. A small bedside light. An extension cord or two. A box fan. A sleep mask if you need absolute darkness. A bedside rug. And all the usual stuff — dance duds, regular clothes, raingear if it looks threatening, and ALL necessary linens — pillows, sheets, towels and washcloths, blanket or sleeping bag.